Master thesis

DistriNet coaches a number of master students during their master thesis in the programs Master in Engineering: Computer Science and Master in Toegepaste Informatica.

Thesis proposals

Master students can either propose their own subject for their master thesis or select from a predefined list of thesis proposals. A complete list of thesis proposals of the Department of Computer Science can be found here . More information about the thesis assigment procedure can be found here (Master in Engineering: Computer Science) - and here (Master in Toegepaste Informatica).

If you want to propose your own thesis subject, coached by the DistriNet Research Group, please be welcome to contact one of the faculty members listed on the right side to further discuss your proposal.

Goals and roadmap of a DistriNet thesis

The goal of the master thesis is to realize an extensive project in an independent manner. Important characteristics are, among others, the quality of the project, the independence, the level of creativity, the initiative and the reporting capabilities.

More detailed goals and a roadmap with the different milestones in a DistriNet thesis were presented during the introductory thesis meeting. You can also download the slides of this meeting in PowerPoint or PDF format.