Thursday February 4th Technical Programme

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9:00 - Keynote Angela Sasse (University College London)


10:00 Coffee Break


10:30 - Secure system and software development II

  • Automatic Generation of Smart, Security-Aware GUIs
    David Basin, Manuel Clavel, Marina Egea and Michael Schläpfer
  • Report: Modular safeguards to create holistic security requirement specifications for system of systems (Report)
    Albin Zuccato, Nils Daniels, Mikael Nilson and Cheevarat Jaampatom
  • A Feasibility Study in Model Based Prediction of Impact of Changes on System Quality (Idea)
    Aida Omerovic, Anette Andresen, Håvard Grindheim, Per Myrseth, Atle Refsdal and Ketil Stølen

12:00 Lunch


13:30 - Policy verification and enforcement II

  • Model-driven Security Policy Deployment: Property Oriented Approach
    Stere Preda, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia, Frédéric Cuppens, Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro and Laurent Toutain
  • Category-based authorisation models: operational semantics and expressive power
    Clara Bertolissi and Maribel Fernandez
  • On the Efficient Evaluation of Access Control Constraints (Idea)
    Achim D. Brucker and Helmut Petritsch

15:00 Coffee Break


15:30 - Attack analysis and prevention II

  • Experiences with PDG-based IFC
    Christian Hammer
  • Java vs. PHP: Security Implications of Language Choice for Web Applications (Idea)
    James Walden, Maureen Doyle, Rob Lenhof and John Murray
  • Towards architecture-centric static security analysis of software (Idea)
    Karsten Sohr and Bernhard Berger


The abstracts of the papers can be found on the papers page.