Hacknam Style CTF Team growing stronger

hacknamstyleIn the previous months, the KU Leuven DistriNet CTF team called “Hacknam Style” has silently been achieving great results in online CTF competitions. For instance, after a fierce two day competition in the weekend of 11 and 12 October, they finished 3rd out of 230 teams in the ASIS CTF competition. More recently, in the Hack.lu CTF competition from 21 to 23 October, they finished 14th out of 581 teams.

A more detailed version of this text can be found in this PDF.

Hacknam Style welcomes new members to join in the fun.

They don’t require you to be an expert, just to be enthusiastic and willing to learn new skills. All CTF competitions in which they participate and workshops they organize are announced on their mailinglist. Feel free to lurk there for a while before deciding to give one of their workshops or CTF competitions a try. Hope to meet you there soon!


CTF Competitions in 2014

  • 5th place in DEFCON Kerala CTF (3-4 March): 5th place
  • 25th place in Plaid CTF (11-13 April): 25th place out of 867 scoring teams
  • 29th place in ASIS CTF Qualifying rounds (8-10 May): 29th place out of 308 scoring teams
  • 61st place in DEFCON CTF Qualifying rounds (“The olympics”, 17-19 May): 61st place out of 401 scoring teams
  • 19th place in HITCON CTF (16-17 August): 19th place out of 500 scoring teams
  • 4th place in CSAW CTF Qualifying rounds (20-21 September): 4th place out of 111 graduate student teams, 67th place out of 1174 scoring teams total
  • 3rd place in ASIS CTF Finals (11-12 October): 3rd place out of 230 scoring teams
  • 14th place in Hack.lu CTF (21-23 October): 14th place out of 581 scoring teams


Workshops in 2014

  • Web workshop (14th of July) by Michiel Meersmans, Kevin Holvoet and Neline van Ginkel
    • Using SQLMap, PhantomJS, Burp Suite for web security
  • IDA Pro workshop (14th of August) by Mathy Vanhoef
    • Using IDA for reverse engineering and patching binaries



  • Steven Van Acker