Interview with Maarten Decat - Authorization throughout the application

Preventing unauthorized access lies at the root of every security system. This interview with Maarten Decat, CEO of Elimity, focuses on various aspects of authorization. You will learn how even large enterprises struggle to get access control right. But what can you do to get it right in your application? Learn about a couple of essential principles to get access control right. 
This interview is part of the Web Security Fundamentals course. In this free online course, Philippe De Ryck takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of web security. Philippe will show you how hackers break into your application. But you will also discover how to defend your applications. The course zooms in on the wide variety of security features that the web platform has to offer. Towards the end, you have collected a set of best practices to build more secure applications.
The first edition of the course has been critically acclaimed. You can find the course on the edX platform.
The Web Security Fundamentals course is funded by KU Leuven and DistriNet.