Danny Hughes

Danny Hughes

Danny Hughes a Professor with the  Department of Computer Science of KU Leuven (Belgium), where he is a member of the DistriNet (Distributed Systems and Computer Networks) research group and leads the Networked Embedded Software taskforce.

Danny has a PhD from Lancaster University (UK) and has since worked as a Visiting Scholar with the University of California at Berkeley (USA), a Visiting Scholar with the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and as a Lecturer with Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (China). His PhD focused on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems and his current research is on distributed software systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Key publications:

  1. Gowri Sankar Ramachandran, Nelson Matthys, Wilfried Daniels, Wouter Joosen, Danny Hughes, Building dynamic and dependable component-based Internet-of-Things applications with Dawn, Proceedings of the 19th International ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering, issue 19, pages 97-106, Venice, 5-8 April 2016 531854bibtex
  2. Wilfried Daniels, Jose Paiva Proenca, Dave Clarke, Wouter Joosen, Danny Hughes, Refraction: Low-cost management of reflective meta-data in pervasive component-based applications, Proceedings of the 18th international ACM Sigsoft symposium on Component-based software engineering, pages 27-36, Montreal, 4-8 May 2015 503182bibtex
  3. Fan Yang, Nelson Matthys, Rafael Bachiller Soler, Sam Michiels, Wouter Joosen, Danny Hughes, μPnP: Plug and play peripherals for the Internet of Things, Proceedings of the Tenth European Conference on Computer Systems, Bordeaux, France, 21-24, 2015 download0 495695bibtex
  4. Pedro Javier del Cid Garcia, Danny Hughes, Sam Michiels, Wouter Joosen, Ensuring application integrity in shared sensing environments, Proceedings of the International ACM Sigsoft Symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE 2014), Lille,France, 30 June - 3 July download0 454171bibtex
  5. Caren Crowley, Wilfried Daniels, Rafael Bachiller Soler, Wouter Joosen, Danny Hughes, Increasing user participation: An exploratory study of querying on the Facebook and Twitter platforms, First Monday, volume 19, issue 8, pages 1-1, 01 August 2014 download0 460627bibtex



[G0Q43a]: Computer Networks  - 2012 to present.
[H0FG7a]: Capita Selecta: Distributed Systems (IoT) - 2011 to present
[H04I0A]: Internet Infrastructure - 2013 to present

PhD students (Graduated):

Nelson Matthys and Klaas Thoelen

PhD students (Current):

Rafa Bachiller, Gowri Sankar, Wilfried Daniels, Fan Yang and Sven Akkermans.


 - "The Internet of Things", Knack Magazine, Belgium, 2014.

 - "Smart Sensors Find Floods", Wired Magazine, UK, 2006.

 - "Intelligent Sensors Watch for Impending Floods", The New Scientist, UK, 2006.

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  • Tel: +3216328287
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