Mathy Vanhoef

Mathy Vanhoef

Mathy Vanhoef is a postdoctoral researcher with the iMinds-DistriNet research group. He finished his PhD on the security of WPA-TKIP, TLS, and RC4, in July 2016. His research interest is in computer security with a focus on wireless security (Wi-Fi), network protocols in general, the RC4 stream cipher, and software security (discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities). He is also an active member of HacknamStyle, the Capture The Flag team of KU Leuven and DistriNet.


Key publications:

  1. Mathy Vanhoef, Domien Schepers, Frank Piessens, Discovering logical vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi handshake using model-based testing, Proceedings of the 12th ACM SIGSAC Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (AsiaCCS 2017), Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2-6 April 2017 download0 572634bibtex
  2. Mathy Vanhoef, Frank Piessens, Predicting, decrypting, and abusing WPA2/802.11 group keys, Proceedings of the 25th USENIX Security Symposium, pages 673-688, Austin, NV, 11-13 August 2016 download0 547640bibtex
  3. Tom Van Goethem, Mathy Vanhoef, Frank Piessens, Wouter Joosen, Request and conquer: exposing cross-origin resource size, Proceedings of the 25th USENIX Security Symposium, pages 447-462, Austin, NV, 11-13 August 2016 download0 572354bibtex
  4. CÚlestin Matte, Mathieu Cunche, Franck Rousseau, Mathy Vanhoef, Defeating MAC address randomization through timing attacks, Proceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Security & Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks, pages 15-20, Darmstadt, Germany, 18-20 July download0 547642bibtex
  5. Mathy Vanhoef, (supervisor: Frank Piessens), A Security Analysis of the WPA-TKIP and TLS Security Protocols, Ph.D. Thesis, 04 July 2016 download0 543228bibtex


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