TRANSITION - From ad-hoc code development to code reuse through middleware for networked embedded control systems

The proposed knowledge platform starts from the observation that, although state-of-the-art control software is getting mature and capable of handling the real-time constraints of an individual embedded system (robot, machine, camera, sensor), it lacks the necessary (non real-time) development and management support to integrate, configure, monitor and adapt a collaborating group of networked systems. The proposed research is driven by a representative business case at the bridge between robotics and e-logistics.

Middleware has the potential to cope with this complexity without resorting to ad-hoc solutions (as currently the case in software development for networked embedded control systems) if it offers the right balance between configurable, generic infrastructure on the one hand, and tool support that allows domain specialists to plug-in domain and vendor specific added value components.

The provided solution will enable technology providers and system integrators to make the transition from ad-hoc development of control software to a model-driven approach that enables customization via reusable middleware.