Our research in a nutshell

Research Profile

ApplicationDomainsThe imec-DistriNet research group is an internationally recognized research lab with extensive expertise in the engineering of secure and trustworthy software and in the domain of middleware and programming environments for distributed software. Within these two areas the group performs research on a wide range of topics, for example middleware for cloud computing, Internet architectures, network and software security, software verification, vulnerability prevention and detection, cybercrime, identity management and access control, web application security, software for embedded systems, wireless sensor networks and multi-agent systems.


  • To establish solid, well-founded engineering approaches for constructing and managing complex distributed and secure software systems;
  • to transfer the acquired knowledge into the economy; and
  • to contribute actively to the training of undergraduate and PhD students, and of industry.

Application Domains

Security-critical systems:

  • health care information systems 
  • personal content management, social networks  and new media
  • machine-to-machine communications
  • financial services and e-trading
  • cyber security

Embedded and ubiquitous software:

  • medical and industrial instrumentation
  • location-based services
  • sensor and actuator networks
  • industrial control applications

Distributed and Internet applications with high requirements for adaptability, interoperability, mobility and security, for instance:

  • enterprise virtualization and cloud computing
  • emergency response and law enforcement
  • transport and logistics,
  • traffic monitoring and management, telematics
  • smart grids, smart metering and new energy distribution platforms