Adaptive Middleware for logistics (AdMid)

The aim of this research and innovation project is to design and develop facilitating middleware that self-adapts to service level agreements throughout the entire business life cycle. A proof-of-concept demonstrator will be provided including both the technical middleware prototype and the middleware business model, and driven by requirements in the application domain of transport and logistics.

Key research challenges include (1) investigating the market to define feasible cost models, (2) translating the business requirements related to a particular business model into middleware solutions, (3) designing a distributed engine that automatically enforces reconfigurations when and where needed, and finally (4) assessing the feasibility of integrating the reconfiguration engine in state-of-the-art middleware.

This project is motivated by emerging business and legal requirements that force the EU transport and logistics industry to investigate next-generation 'smart' middleware solutions: the Container Security Initiative, for example, requires that products are traced during transport and demands a full trace to be delivered 24 hours before arrival in the harbor. Modern supply chain management requires smart logistics middleware that addresses the unpredictable operational conditions characterizing such large-scale tracking and tracing solutions (node failures, batteries running low, alarms triggered), that integrates all involved actors (producers, transporters, retailers, harbor authorities, government and customs agencies), and joins heterogeneous networks on a global scale. These middleware solutions can be extrapolated to other application domains with similar quality requirements, such as e-health and e-media.

AdMid will produce a software prototype of logistics middleware that can adapt itself to changing operational conditions and/or domain objectives.

The consortium includes both a system integrator (IDxS) and an end user (H.Essers). IBBT-DistriNet will enhance state-of-the-art middleware with a reconfiguration engine embracing the dynamic nature of both the operational environment and today's business ecosystems.



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