Belgian Cybercrime Centre for Research, training and Education (B-CCENTRE)


The B-CCENTRE aims to be the main platform for collaboration and coordination with regard to cybercrime matters in Belgium, combining expertise of academic research groups, industry players and public organisations (law enforcement, judges and policymakers).

Interdisciplinary fundamental research in

  • Technology (cyberattack techniques , cryptanalysis, embedded/cloud forensics, traffic analysis, wire-speed/intelligent monitoring, intrusion detection ....)
  • ICT & Media law (privacy, infosecurity, protection of minors, electronic communications)
  • Criminal law (criminal procedure, electronic evidence, investigation techniques ....)
  • Criminology (organised cybercrime phenomena, criminal use of electronic networks ....)

Training and education initiatives:

  • Basic and advanced ICT & cybercrime training and awareness of cybercrime related issues for public and private actors (e.g. judges, lawyers, bussiness, citizens)
  • All-round and specialised courses and awareness campaigns

The B-CCENTRE as platform for national and international collaboration:

  • Main coordination and collaboration platform for actors involved in tackling cybercrime (academia, policy, law enforcement, private companies ....): coordination of existent expertise, interdisciplinary research collaboration, coordinated policy approach, coordinated training and educational initiatives
  • Coordination and collaboration beyond the Belgian borders with partners in the Netherlands (UVT, WODC) and European collaboration and coordination via the 2CENTRE network (cfr with a.o. national centres in Ireland and France.



More information about the project can be found at

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