Belgian Fundamental Research on Cryptology and Information Security (BCRYPT)

BCRYPT intends to perform fundamental research into a number of selected disciplines that intend to address the information security challenges we are facing. Cryptology is the science that studies techniques from discrete mathematics in order to provide secrecy, authenticity and related properties for digital information; cryptology is a fundamental enabler for information security, privacy and dependability. Watermarking allows embedding hidden information into the digital media, such that the watermark is imperceptible, robust and difficult to remove. Perceptual hashes are based on a combination of watermarking and cryptographic techniques; they can be used as perceptually relevant signatures, as tool for content dependent key generation, for persistent identification and for content retrieval. Cryptology and watermarking techniques can be found at the core of computer and network security, of digital identification and digital signatures, digital rights management systems, content retrieval, tamper detection, etc. In the last decade, the insight has grown that developing secure software and hardware implementations is much more challenging than originally anticipated: the discipline of information security engineering has as goal to bridge the gap between the world of mathematics and modeling and that of building secure systems.


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