Broadband Access over multi-spot-beam Ka-band Satellites (BeamSat)

The BeamSat project fits in the development of Newtec’s next generation satellite broadband access system using multi-spotbeam Ka-band technology and wideband bent-pipe RF channels.
The purpose of BeamSat is to define and develop the next generation broadband Sat3Play solution in order to accelerate Newtec’s growth within the broadband market.

BeamSat will address the physical scalability limitations associated with SATNETs (i.e. the Atlantic Packet Satellite Network which provides packet data transmission via satellite). Scalability is a business-critical feature in support of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) and the new business models associated with it. The aim is to scale up/down at the level of individual data processing segments, instead of treating the full data processing pipeline as a whole.

BeamSat is motivated by the growing interest in OpenStack within the telecommunication community to deliver new deployment models for telecommunication equipment, and combine Network Function Virtualization (NFV) with the scalability known from cloud applications. Scalability of cloud applications is a technical evolution which is already ongoing for years; cloud platforms support virtualization in order to flexibly scale applications based on live user demands. The combination of NFV concepts and cloud platforms seems to be a logical next step.

Within the BeamSat project, iMinds-DistriNet and Newtec will investigate to what extent the OpenStack framework is applicable for managing individual data processing segments.
The project will investigate the capabilities of the OpenStack orchestration features, sketch the alternative OpenStack deployment options, and evaluate the performance overhead of the OpenStack solution; the impact on the management of the overall system will also be assessed.


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