A Context-Aware Platform for Rapid Decision Support (CAPRADS)

CAPRADS enables service providers to deliver next-generation context-aware services: software applications will be able to procure all relevant yet complex context information thus enabling rapid decision support that adds value at service delivery time.

The main driver behind this project is the large yet currently untapped potential for enterprises to offer sophisticated services by factoring in all relevant context information about the customer and situation but also complex data about the history and previous analysis on the customer’s behaviour, etc. Companies face today difficult challenges to effectively unlock this information: Which context influences application-level decisions? Is this information readily available or does it require additional processing before it is useful? Can we process this information offline or in-stream? How long does it take to transfer the information to our service? What are acceptable processing latencies on the service delivery? Which processing strategies can help reduce this computation and communication latency? Can we easily reuse and/or adapt the context processing components for other enterprise services? Can our context system be distributed and scale out on demand when the workload or the customer base of our services grows?

This project aims to create a strategic and practical distributed context middleware that enables service providers to add value and differentiation to their service portfolio. More specifically, we will study, incept, design, and implement a scalable middleware that makes sophisticated context information effectively available to enterprise services, realizing:

  1. An adequate context procurement from distributed and heterogeneous data sources
  2. A timely translation of that context into rapid decisions to enhance service delivery

The project outcome is driven by 3 complementary use cases from the industrial partners of the consortium, JForce, Luciad and Televic Education, key players in their segments. It will be validated against challenging domain-specific business requirements, and result in prototypical demonstrators at the end of the project.


More information about the project can be found at https://www.iminds.be/en/projects/CAPRADS

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