Control and management of constrained devices (COMACOD)


The COMACOD project investigates the design of an innovative tracking & tracing system that can be customized with minimal effort
to the domain-specific business requirements in different niche markets (e.g. cold chain monitoring, fleet management, container tracking).

The targeted system consists of resource-constrained sensor devices that collect, process, and forward monitoring data to a diagnostics & monitoring server in the backend.
The customization of such systems is highly challenging because of the extensive and often conflicting requirements related to energy consumption, communication cost and control capabilities.

DistriNet will contribute its know-how to design and develop configurable middleware. The COMACOD solution will enable to specify tracking and tracing requirements,
and it will provide backend middleware services to process the business requirements of multiple applications and execute reconfigurations in a safe and controlled manner.


More information about the project can be found at

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