Cultural Profile and Information Database (CUPID)

The specific challenges in this project are summarized in two questions: how can the enrichment and aggregation of content be linked to (a) distributed and rich profiles of (potential) customers and (b) to specific profiles of business partners (e.g. media) in function of printed and on-line content distribution?
These challenges are refined in the definition of five specific research questions:
First, content is to be aggregated from different content sources with optimization of aggregation and source management. A main concern is that of reliability management: it may be obvious that content provided by professional content providers (e.g. CultuurHuis or VRT) is more reliable than content provided by a random user of which the background and/or motives are unknown. A second question is related to the categorization of this content, where the main focus is to discover useful relations between basic content and enriched content. The third research question focuses on customer profiles. In this project, research is done to identify intelligent algorithms to compose user profiles (based on behavior, tagging, scoring, ...). Fourthly, this project aims to identify different content and profile distribution models, to result with a usable instrument for the demonstrator. Finally, there are some important legislative and juridical questions in this context, such as content and profile ownership and privacy issues.






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