CUSTOMization of Software Services in the cloud (CUSTOMSS)



CUSTOMSS aims at enabling the effective customizations and adaptation of software services in the cloud, by improving and maturing software service development and deployment technologies. These customizations cover both functional and non-functional requirements, the latter including availability, security and performance
The concept of these new technologies will be tried in three case studies supported by the industry partners: a private cloud platform for automated document processing; a platform for management of electronic health records and a platform for nurse call in hospitals.

Service Lines: a new technology to deal with the impact of a new service variant

Enabling effective applications in the cloud requires dealing with a diverse range of customer-specific requirements, compositions and adaptations on top of a shared, multi-tenant cloud platform.  The number of service variants that arise from this diversity can increase exponentially and, critically, must be managed when services are extended and adapted.
CUSTOMSS will address these challenges through a novel concept called Service Lines, a synthesis of Service Engineering with Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE).  The resulting technology will enable a service provider to analyze and deal with the impact of a new service variant on its existing core assets at the application and platform level.

The specific elements that are addressed in CUSTOMSS relate to
  • the need for adaptability and variability in light of the evolution towards cloud computing,
  • the manageability of all the service variants that can and will emerge from customer-specific customizations, and to
  • the observation that these challenges must be addressed at service creation time, as well as at deployment time.

CUSTOMSS will not only enable SaaS companies to be effective in variability management and management of customer-specific versions at run-time, but also to grow to a PaaS platform that can be offered to partners for co-building and co-selling customer-specific service variants and compositions thereof. Finally CUSTOMSS will generate a good understanding of the impact of cloud on development of new services.







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