Context-Driven Adaptation of Mobile Services (CoDaMoS)

CoDAMoS is a strategic basic research project aimed at solving a set of key challenges in the area of Ambient Intelligence (AmI), where personal devices will form an extension of eac h user's environment, running mobile services adapted to the user and his context. The scientific and technological goal of the CoDAMoS project is to research and develop innovative and generic software methods and techniques that will support context-driv en adaptation of mobile services. Adaptation is viewed both from the service provider side, i.e. software should be targeted towards a specific context before delivery, and from the service-use side, i.e. software adapts to a changing context after delivery. Both viewpoints are important and complementary. The first view allows services to be designed in a generic way, following which functional variations of them can be generated for a range of platforms. The second view allows services to be generic so that they can adapt to context elements such as other services and resources available in their context.

The core of the project consists of 5 work packages, tackling Context-driven Implementation Generation, Performance Modelling, Service Integration, Context-aware User Interfaces, and Code Mobility. A set of diverse scenarios will be worked out to serve as lighthouses. The project is structured in two main phases, each ending with an integration effort. The integration after the first phase (half way through the project) will be used as an evaluation point, after which redirection of the project is possible.

The CoDAMoS project will not result in ONE single service platform offering solutions to all AmI applications that we envisage. The large variety of possible AmI applications makes this impossible. The project however will advance the state-of-the-art in different sub-domains on a scientific level, and will show how the obtained results can be technically integrated in several scenarios that will be worked out as proof of concept, each scenario involving 2 or 3 sub-domains. The scenarios will be chosen in consultation with the User Commission, so as to guarantee maximal application of the results in their own specific business contexts. The valorisation potential of the project in Flanders is very high. The number of organizations willing to participate in a User Commission is very large: 3 research institutes and 15 companies. These companies are involved in the Ambient Intelligence field in a variety of ways: they are tool, platform and device builders, service providers, consultants, customers and end users. Furthermore, they are actors in different markets: industrial applications, business support, infotainment, domotics and immotics. This demonstrates the high valorisation potential of the project.


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