Tackling Cybercrime with digital forensics on embedded computer systems and social computing applications (Digital Forensics)

This research project aims to investigate and develop digital forensics tools, methods and procedures in a context of modern information and communications technologies. The objective is to find out how relevant and legally valid information can be collected for law enforcement purposes if unlawful or criminal behaviour occurs in an environment of embedded computer systems and social computing applications. Everybody agrees that modern electronic communications services (cloud computing and web services) and devices (mobile phones and other embedded systems) need to be highly secured against hacking, malware and other risks but at the same time they should remain sufficiently accessible for forensic investigators in case of incidents. Currently used tools, methods and legal procedures are still conceived for forensics on fixed and mobile telephony devices and networks (traditional ?wiretapping?). Academic research in this area is developing; Context most of it is focusing on the PC desktop and on commonly used websites and internet email.


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