E-Health Information Platforms (E-HIP)

The E-HIP project is funded by IBBT and conducts both basic and applied research in the domain of eHealth. The focus of the project is to build an information platform where patients' medical data are shared across several healthcare providers (hospital, general practitioners, screening centers, and so on). The project provides an infrastructural solution that enables health records to be accessed seamlessly (yet securely) anywhere and anytime.

The achievements of the project could improve the collaboration between the current isolated silos, in which a huge amount of data is stored in proprietary information systems. The enhanced collaboration would positively impact both the quality and the timeliness of the care offered to citizens.

Agfa is projectleader, DistriNet leads the work packages dealing with security and reliability.


More information about the project can be found at https://www.iminds.be/en/projects/ehip

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