Evolutionary Validation, Verification and Certification (EVOLVE)



Evolutionary Validation, Verification and Certification

Reliable, accurate, fast and low-cost validation and verification of products is one of the corner stones of the modern high-tech industry. However, many software organizations clearly lack efficient verification and validation technologies that would support rapid, high quality software development in a volatile business environment. The goal of this project is to create a methodological framework for early verification and validation of evolutionary products through the accredited/certified integration of each iteration and/or component in a MDE (Model Driven Engineering) context. EVOLVE will provide an iterative and incremental methodology, and it is oriented by the agile and model driven development paradigms, fostering accredited/certified component reusability in a broad sense. The target domain is the construction of software for real time embedded systems, which may be subject to legal certification or internal company accreditation. Attention is focused on validation of both functional and non-functional properties, from requirements evaluation of an early architecture design to final customer acceptance.

A more detailed description of the ITEA2-EVOLVE project can be found on the EVOLVE ITEA2 Project Profile Sheet.


More information about the project can be found at http://www.evolve-itea.org