A Model-based Approach for Evaluating the Safety end Environmental Effects of Traffic Policy Measures (MASE)


MASE is situated within the domain of transportation. The key challenge of modern policy making in the domain of transportation is to prevent or reduce the negative effects of transportation on health, livability (safety) and environment.

The main goal is to provide an integrated simulation model that enables an assessment of general traffic policy measures on the problem of road safety, the environment and aspects of human health. Integrated means that different elements (activity and travel behavior, route choice behavior, traffic behavior) and effects of the transport system (road safety, emissions and human health) are modeled in an integrated way, i.e. their relationships are modeled explicitly. This makes it an interdisciplinary model. As a result, the model provides a means for better evaluating the trade-offs between different policy domains, i.e. the net effect of a particular policy measure can be calculated by demonstrating the impact of the measure on each of the outcomes (road safety, emissions and human health).


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