Formal Support for the Transformation of Software Models (MDE)

The FWO-MDE project aims to deliver formalisms, models and tool prototypes for managing software evolution in the vertical (lifecycle) and horizontal (time) dimension.

A typical characteristic of the software lifecycle is a gradual evolution from abstract, declarative models to concrete, computational ones. One of the major problems in the development of software systems is a lack of adequate support for evolution, i.e. evolution throughout the lifecycle as well as evolution in time. Consecutive models are hardly related, so that in practice various phases of the development cycle are only marginally or not at all worked out. Moreover, a modification of a software system often requires manual changes to all of the models in the consecutive phases. Therefore, in practice, modifications are often carried through only at the lowest levels and not documented properly. This results in so-called legacy systems, that embody complex functionality, but have lost their overall structure, making it impossible to maintain them in a cost-efficient way.

The project partners apply their expertise in reverse engineering, object-oriented metamodeling, graph transformation, software evolution, conceptual modeling, and middleware, in order to work on common case studies and align their theories (graph transformation, design by contract, ...) and tools.


Project fiche

  • Financer: FWO
  • Funding program: Research Project
  • Start date: 01/01/2005
  • End date: 31/12/2008
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