Support for Predictable Integration of mission Critical Embedded Systems (SPICES)


ITEA-SPICES: Developing a model based approach

Supporting mission-critical embedded systems

Several industries are currently facing the issue of developing mission-critical embedded computer-based systems with increasing complexity, dependability and economic pressures such as cost and time to market. Model-driven development/engineering (MDD/MDE) addresses those issues. Today, sectors such as aerospace, automotive and communications are rather segmented and are prone to study and promote dedicated solutions, whereas cross-fertilisation would be more beneficial. SPICES will implement an integrated MDD/MDE methodology for designing, verifying and implementing avionics mission-critical realtime embedded (RT/E) systems.

SPICES aims at developing an MDD/MDE-compliant tool suite for the design, verification and development of mission-critical RT/E systems dedicated to the aerospace industry. The tool suite will be based on the architecture analysis and design language (AADL), formal methods, the lightweight common object request broker architecture (CORBA) component model (CCM) and the SystemC system description language, and will target both general-purpose processors and reconfigurable hardware. SPICES modelling, verification and codegeneration tools will be integrated in the open-source Eclipse platform.

A more detailed description of the ITEA-SPICES project can be found on the SPICES ITEA Project Profile Sheet.


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