Healthcare professional's collaboration Space (Share4Health)




The focus of this project is a common patient centric, community centric healthcare IT platform that is used by hospitals, general practitioners and pharmacists and that addresses the needs of the next generation clinical applications, which focus on collaboration and decision support. Furthermore it absorbs the advances of the innovations that come with Web2.0.

This means that (1) supported applications will range from clinical data sharing to collaborative applications, (2) decision support applications explores the knowledge that is available in a community, (3) the platform should support sophisticated authorization and privacy compliant access to patient data and services.

The practical approach of the project consortium is to leverage on a shared infrastructure that has been developed in the previous IBBT-EHIP project. The EHIP project has delivered a basic eHealth infrastructure with focus on information sharing.

The Share4Health project further expands the EHIP infrastructure in 2 dimensions:

  • Support of new clinical applications that share the same eHealth infrastructure. This requires to extend the security mechanism of the eHealth infrastructure, especially patient consent management, federated identity management and access management
  • Add collaboration functionality and semantic reasoning to the platform so that it can be used by intelligent applications like decision support and clinical pathways.

This 2-year project started in May 2008. Agfa is projectleader, DistriNet leads the work packages dealing with security and collaboration.


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