Symbiotic Networks (SymbioNets)


This project (IWT-SBO-SymbioNets) introduces a new concept called 'Symbiotic Networks', i.e. independent, co-located homogeneous & heterogeneous, wired & wireless networks that cooperate across all layers and across network boundaries through advanced sharing of information, infrastructure and (networking) services.

In order to design a distributed middleware platform and achieve advanced cross-network cooperation between independent co-located wired & wireless, homogeneous & heterogeneous networks, DistriNet aims:

  • to study and design service enablers to support advanced cooperation between independent co-located networks, such as profile management, profile-based service discovery, policy management, and authentication & authorization, and context-aware services;
  • to design and develop distributed middleware and required algorithms for monitoring Quality-of-Data features and optimizing data collection in Symbiotic Networks;á
  • to study and design techniques for optimized execution of services through intelligent location selection, service selection and incentive-based sharing mechanisms.

We will demonstrate the added value of Symbiotic Networks in an intelligent transport and logistics context.


More information about the project can be found at

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