Trustworthy Belgian Key Internet Services (TRU-BLISS)

There is no industry where confidence is as important as the financial industry. Customers entrust money to the bank with high expectations regarding the confidentiality and integrity of their assets. This trust relationship has been the core business of banking since its inception.

Maintaining this trust in today’s digital society is a key challenge for all financial institutions. Financial institutions make large investments to achieve this goal, not only through capital and operational expenditure in secure ICT, but equally and more importantly by absorbing losses originating from digital crime. This strategy can only be maintained if the losses can be kept under control. Since cybercriminals have optimised their operations by improving their technical skills as well as their organisation, institutions must follow. Enabling this is the essence of the proposed project - it will improve both short- and mid-term defence capabilities of the consortium members and as such keep losses under control. It does so in a holistic way, by providing the technical, process and legal innovation required to realise the needed disruptive capability increase.




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