Volgende Generatie Stuurplatform (VOLGES)


In the VOLGES project, a complete new steering system will be developed for looms (weaving machines). Such machines exhibit a number of challenging problems:

  • Hard real-time deadlines
  • The software is tightly related to both the electronics and the mechanics of the loom
  • The precision requirements are a magnitude higher than in other sectors
  • Entire productlines of looms exist, containing many similar but different machines
  • Certain parts must be IEC 61508 compliant (european safety regulations).

In this project, DistriNet addresses two challenges: Firstly, a software development process is presented that allows the development of the above systems. In addition, the process must allow development in small teams and increase predictability (both concerning the process itself as for the properties of the resulting software product). In addition, a toolsuite will be developed that supports the newly created software development process.

Secondly, a new software architecture will be developed that will allow for long-term maintainability. Using the Architecture Trade-off Analysis Method (ATAM), the architecture will be systematically evaluated. For each of the quality attributes distilled from the requirements (including, but definitely not limited to compliance with IEC 61508), the fitness of the architecture is examined, and suggestions for improvement are formulated.



Project fiche

  • Financer: IWT
  • Funding program: O&O
  • Start date: 01/04/2007
  • End date: 31/03/2009
  • Promotor(s):