Coordination and Ownership in Graphs of Networked Actors (COGNAC)

In the future people will be surrounded by devices which will seamlessly cooperate with each other to create a consistent ambient computational environment. Programming such devices requires new computational models and new ambient-oriented programming languages to deal with the dynamicity of the environment, resulting from intermittent network connectivity as devices move in and out of contact with each other.

Even though the resulting language technology greatly enhances the construction of wireless applications, new abstractions are required to coordinate the resulting distributed soup of objects residing across the devices. This includes managing object inter-connectivity, managing resources, partitioning and distributing computation and object graphs, managing failure, and so forth.

Existing coordination models are not comprehensive enough for this setting. Building upon a formal actor-based concurrency model we will provide gradual type system support that statically and dynamically reifies the ownership and location information present in remote object designation concepts (such as AmbientTalk?s far references) in order to offer coordination abstractions, such as ambient contracts, to simplify the programmer?s task of developing and securing applications for such devices that cooperate over intermittent network connections.



Project fiche

  • Financer: FWO
  • Funding program: Research Project
  • Start date: 01/01/2011
  • End date: 31/12/2014

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