AgentWise conducts basic and applied research in the area of "software engineering for collaborative decentralized systems", with expertise in software architecture, middleware, coordination, autonomic computing, multi-agent systems, simulation.

The research of AgentWise targets software engineering for coordination-centric and self-adaptive distributed and decentralised systems, i.e. for systems in which functional and non-functional requirements are achieved through cooperative and collective behaviour of autonomous entities.

We also organise a Colloquium on Coordination.





Research topics include:


  • multi-agent systems and coordination
  • patterns for decentralized software
  • autonomic computing / self-adaptive software
  • software architectures
  • middleware

The research is case-driven. Applications include:

  • logistics applications (incl. pickup-and-delivery / vehicle routing, and industrial warehouse routing (e.g. Automated Guided Vehicles))
  • traffic management
  • smart power grids
  • service-oriented systems
  • collective robotics